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Security Audits

If you have a nagging feeling that your home or office security is not what it should be, we’ll provide an onsite audit of your property and existing security equipment in place. We’ll do a complete property walk around, surveying your property as a potential intruder would, and assess whether locks door, window, and garage locks meet your present needs.


Tim The Key Man has been a familiar and trusted name in the community for many years. Review our website to learn more about available services, and please feel free to contact us directly if we can help work with you on improving the security of your home, office or investment property. Don’t wait for an emergency to address the safety of your property, belongings and family.


One of the services that Tim the Key Man provides is a complete security audit of your residential or business property.


Unfortunately, residential break and enters are all too common occurrences in most municipalities in Canada. We often overlook the areas that could be viewed as opportunities for those with malicious intentions, especially if we’ve owned the property for a length of time, or have purchased an older property.

Adopting a security-conscious state of mind will ensure that you`re doing everything possible to reduce the risk of your property being targeted.

A security audit will allow a fresh pair of trained eyes to assess any potential points of entry, and suggest ways to tighten the overall security of your property.