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It’s a shame that we need to be suspicious in our own neighbourhood, but the truth is, while you may trust your neighbours, you never know who else is walking down your street.

Don’t advertise valuables by leaving curtains wide open. For someone with the wrong intentions, this is like waving a flag! By having valuables in plain-sight, such as just inside the window on the first floor of your home, you’re putting temptation up front and center.

Also, just because items are out of site, it doesn’t mean they can’t be found. Bragging about newly acquired big dollar items for your home, or posting pictures on facebook to your “friends” may seem harmless, but please don’t forget that anything online is now in the public realm, making it common knowledge to people you don’t know so well. Always think twice before you post!

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When emergencies strike, you need a trusted professional that you can call at anytime, day or night. Tim the Key Man has been servicing customers in Cambridge and the surrounding areas...

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